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Generative AI Week

Tuesday October 17th - Wednesday October 18th, 2023
$999 - 3695

The world is buzzing with excitement about the transformative power of generative AI. Companies across industries are beginning to understand the endless possibilities and applications of this ground-breaking technology and an awareness that it will be an important driver of competitive advantage in the future.

However, the application of Generative AI is not without its risks. High profile court cases, concerns around privacy, bias and security mean that the key to unlocking the value of Generative AI lies in understanding which models and data should be applied to each use case.

With that in mind, the Generative AI Week 2023 will cover:

  • Cutting-edge AI technologies: Delve into the latest generative AI models and techniques poised to revolutionize industries
  • Responsible AI deployment: Learn strategies to implement AI solutions ethically and minimize potential risks
  • Customizing AI models: Discover how to tailor generative AI models to suit specific industry needs and challenges
  • Balancing capability and risk: Explore the trade-offs between AI capabilities and associated risks in real-world applications
  • Data security and privacy: Understand how to safeguard sensitive information while leveraging AI's full potential
  • Industry-specific use cases: Gain insights into the successful application of generative AI across various sectors
  • AI regulations and compliance: Stay updated on the evolving legal landscape surrounding AI and its implications
  • Networking with AI experts: Connect with leading professionals, researchers, and entrepreneurs in the AI ecosystem

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Organiser: IQPC / Data & Analytics Network (@IQPC)
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