Featured Event – Empowering Collaboration and Compliance Between Brands and Agencies – 11th October 2023

This week’s featured upcoming event is entitled ‘Empowering Collaboration and Compliance Between Brands and Agencies‘ – a free to attend webinar hosted by rights, licensing and royalties solutions provider FADEL.  Taking place on Wednesday 11th October, attendees can look forward to hearing from VP Gregg Guest and pharmaceutical DAM manager Penjo Chhimi as they discuss how to strike a balance between creative freedom and compliance.  Topics will cover a range of tools and best practice techniques to ensure proper use of digital assets whilst avoiding costly copyright infringement and other legal issues.

Brands and agencies often don’t share clear visibility into the talent agreements and rights associated with digital assets used to create marketing campaigns. Since brands are ultimately responsible for ensuring proper use of their digital assets, contract infringements can leave legal teams firefighting and, even worse, subject brands to fines and bad press. This often results in a strained working relationship between brands and agencies.”  [Read More]

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