Featured Event – Digital Experience Summit – 16-17th February 2022

This week’s highlighted event is the Digital Experience Summit, a virtual, free-to-attend conference taking place on February 16th and 17th.  The event will feature a diverse line-up of speakers and industry professionals covering a broad selection of keynote topics, technologies, and trends ranging from customer experience (CX) strategies through to personalisation, privacy, digital transformation, and tips on leveraging artificial intelligence to optimise customer management.  Interactive sessions and networking opportunities will also be available, along with a free $15 Uber Eats voucher for the first 2000 registrants.

In a series of virtual presentations with live interactions, we’ll build on the knowledge gained after a season of unprecedented change. We’ve learned the importance of making the right connections – in our technology networks, across our silos and in our thinking. Now, let’s reassess our models, tools, and assumptions by focusing on the increasingly adaptive customer landscape.  Be positioned for growth in the new customer age. Guide a customer-centric culture with the right KPIs and silo-busting practices.  In this 2-day virtual experience, thought leaders, subject matter experts and in-the-weeds practitioners will share the engines of their success to building digital customer experiences using the latest data and insights applications, and strategic reimaginings for optimized digital experience programs leading the way in customer growth, retention and profitability.”  [Read More]

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