Featured Event: DAM Map Landscape 2022 Beyond Trends and What Matters for Customers, Tue June 21st 2022, 3pm CET


On Tuesday 21st June 2022 at 3pm (CET), European DAM Consultancy, Activo present DAM Map Landscape 2022 Beyond Trends and What Matters for Customers.  Malika Kechich and Frédéric SANUY will take viewers though the major elements of initiating DAM projects, including how to build a team, starting an RFP, applying design thinking to your implementation strategy, metadata and keywording.  Activo will also introduce their 2022 DAM vendor map and there will be a demo of The DAM Playbook by Mark Davey from IQ Equity:

Over the past twenty years, companies have been gradually transforming with digital technologies to adapt to the new challenges of connected commerce and mobility, sources of new customer experiences.  While very often digital transformation roadmaps can last anywhere from one to ten years, the COVID-19 pandemic has turned everything upside down. The search for new digital channels, new experiences on the part of consumers is necessary and essential whether you are a brand, a retailer or a marketing communication agency.” [Read More]

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