Featured Event – Artificial Intelligence / Real Human Lives: Making Technology Work for All of Us – 31st March 2023

This week’s highlighted event is a Murray Center for Women in Technology conference entitled ‘Artificial Intelligence / Real Human Lives: making technology work for all of us‘.  Taking place on Friday 31st March, this in-person event will feature a series of expert speakers taking a detailed look at the ethical and discriminatory implications of the recent explosion and widespread adoption of Artificial Intelligence in technologies and systems that affect our daily lives.  Topics discussed will include methods to identify and tackle the inherent bias and discrimination within such systems, and to ensure that the new wave of AI-assisted technologies are designed to mitigate, and not aggravate, social injustice and discrimination.  Attendance is free for students, whilst general admission costs $20 plus a booking fee.  Food and refreshments will be available.

Conference speakers from many disciplines will drill below the surface of the current hype about an imminent AI takeover and highlight genuine ethical concerns about fairness, accountability, and transparency in data science practice —exploring the ways in which we can prevent advances in A.I. from exacerbating existing systemic discrimination and social injustice.  Learn from experts how the power of Artificial Intelligence silently shapes your life right now–and how it will reshape the future world around the globe. You’ll have an opportunity to interact personally with innovative scientists and social activists who are meeting that challenge, creating new ways to leverage the power of AI for social good.”  [Read More]

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