Featured Event – AntiConLX – 18th-21st October 2022

This week’s featured event is AntiConLX Global, taking place from 18th – 21st October.  Hosted by the Martech Alliance and dubbed as an anti-conference, the event will be offering both in-person (O2 Arena, London) and online sessions featuring a broad range of Martech, Salestech, and Nexttech (Web3, NFTs, Metaverse) topics, speakers, trends, and tools.  Tickets start from £262 with a pre-applied 10% discount on offer until Sunday 16th October.

NextTech is the tech of the future. The next big tech. Whether it’s NFTs, Web 3, or The Metaverse, we’re talking all the futuristic digital trends taking the new world by storm. We unpack how marketing, sales & CX need to evolve for the new world.”  [Read More]

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