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Tuesday October 18th - Friday October 21st, 2022
£262 - 3594

21st October | AntiConLX Global | The O2  London
20th October | Marketing Leaders Dinner | The O2  London
19th October | AntiConLX DialUp North America | On the internet
18th October | AntiConLX DialUp APAC |  On the internet


If you're a self-professed martech nerd searching for the ultimate marketing technology nirvana to learn from the best marketers in the biz, you've struck solid gold my friend. That’s right, Marketing Directors & Managers, CMOs, Martech Specialists, Marketing Operations Profs (MOPs) and Marketing Technologists – we’re talking to you.

Martech sessions covering:

  • B2B Marketing
  • Content & Engagement
  • Data
  • Experience
  • Marketing operations
  • MarTech Strategy & trends

If tools designed to help sales teams boost productivity, drive speed to lead and better understand prospects (to say the least) sounds like something that would tickle your fancy - or enough to make your mind go *cha-chiiiiing*  - you've landed in the right place. Sales Directors & Managers, Growth & Revenue Officers, Sales Operations Profs (SOPs) - we’re looking at you.

SalesTech sessions covering:

  • Sales intelligence
  • Sales enablement
  • Sales stack development & management
  • Sales operations

NextTech is the tech of the future. The next big tech. Whether it's NFTs, Web 3, or The Metaverse, we're talking all the futuristic digital trends taking the new world by storm. We unpack how marketing, sales & CX need to evolve for the new world. Innovation & Transformation Officers, CDOs, Digital Profs and Marketing Technologists – this is for you.

NexTech sessions covering marketing, sales & experience in:

  • Web3
  • Tokenisation & NFTs
  • The metaverse

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