Featured Event – AI Frontiers Forum, London – 18th December 2023

This week’s highlighted event is the AI Frontiers Forum in London.  Taking place at the RSA House Venue on Monday 18th December, this in-person meetup will be covering a diverse range of artificial intelligence topics, trends and technologies, led by a collection of experts and industry leaders.  Discussion themes include business transformation, Large Language Models (LLM), actionable insights on AI ethics and responsibility (including a case study in healthcare), guidance on tool selection for AI success, insights on implementation, trust-building and governance, and the implications of the European Union’s recent AI Act regulatory proposals.

The AI Frontiers Forum: London is more than a gathering; it’s a convergence of pioneering ideas, actionable solutions, and expert-led discussions.  This forum is specifically designed for executives and key decision-makers across diverse sectors, including Finance & Banking, Software & Tech, Manufacturing, Transportation, Public Sector, and Life Sciences. It’s an essential platform for those committed to integrating AI into their strategic vision.”  [Read More]

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