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AI Frontiers Forum: London

Monday December 18th, 2023 @ 11:30am - 1:30pm GMT

Event Description:

Welcome to the AI Frontiers Forum: London, a distinguished event where the cutting-edge of artificial intelligence meets practical implementation. This forum is meticulously crafted for industry leaders eager to bridge the gap between aspirational AI objectives and their real-world application.

Why Attend?

The AI Frontiers Forum: London is more than a gathering; it's a convergence of pioneering ideas, actionable solutions, and expert-led discussions. Our event features a series of insightful talks and panel discussions helmed by renowned thought leaders in AI. Key topics include:

  • Navigating the New Frontier: A deep dive into the global impact of Biden’s AI Executive Order on enterprises.
  • Business Transformation through Generative AI: Uncover how generative AI is reshaping industries and opening new frontiers.
  • Unraveling the EU AI Act: Understand the implications and opportunities presented by the EU AI Act.
  • AI in Healthcare: Explore a case study on ethical and responsible AI implementation in healthcare.
  • Expanding Your Business with LLMs: Learn how Large Language Models can catalyze business growth and innovation.
  • Tools for AI Assurance: Discover essential tools for the effective operationalization of AI technologies.
  • Practical AI Ethics: Transition from theoretical ethical considerations to practical, real-world applications.
  • The Future Landscape of AI: Insights on governance, trust-building, and navigating the evolving AI ecosystem.
Target Audience:

This forum is specifically designed for executives and key decision-makers across diverse sectors, including Finance & Banking, Software & Tech, Manufacturing, Transportation, Public Sector, and Life Sciences. It's an essential platform for those committed to integrating AI into their strategic vision.

Networking and Collaborative Opportunities:

AI Frontiers Forum: London is not just about insight; it’s about connection. Engage with industry peers, partake in enriching discussions, and forge partnerships that can elevate your AI initiatives.

Join Us:

Be a part of this exclusive forum where visionary AI concepts are transformed into impactful business solutions. Discover, debate, and design the future of AI in your industry. Secure your place at AI Frontiers Forum: London and turn your AI ambitions into tangible outcomes.  Embark on a journey to redefine AI's role in your business and beyond. We eagerly await your presence at the AI Frontiers Forum: London.

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