Digital Asset Supply Chain Management for Marketers Webinars – More Places and Now With Optional Certification

At the end of July, we announced a series of six educational webinars on the currently in-vogue topic of Digital Asset Supply Chain Management.  These are due to commence on 24th September 2019 and are free for DAM users (with a modest fee for vendors and consultants).

The response has been far higher than we expected and all the allocated places for DAM end users have now been taken.  We have, therefore, decided to increase the total number of delegates from 30 to 40.  These are still free of charge.  There are just three vendor/consultant slots which have not been filled, but we will not be adding any more of these, so anyone who wants a place should ensure they purchase one asap, before they are all taken (a fee is required for non-end users who wish to attend).

At the request of a few delegates who contacted us, we are adding an optional certificate for those who want one.  To receive this, you need to both register for the webinar and complete a short test that will be mostly multi-choice (with a small amount of narrative required for a couple of questions).  No one is obliged to participate in the test if they do not want to and it will be emailed at the end of the six sessions which conclude on 29th October.  Certification is open to anyone who attends, including vendors and consultants.  Copies of the recordings, presentation slide deck and notes will be provided to everyone.

While the core principles and conventions of Digital Asset Management have changed comparatively little over the last decade or more, the context within which DAM technology is used has been transformed significantly. The driving force behind this paradigm shift is the concept of the Digital Asset Supply Chain, particularly as it relates to the origination and distribution of marketing content across different digital channels.” [Read More]

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