DAM Event Updates – 9th June 2021

Next week there are a number of DAM related events taking place.

On Monday 14th June, Cultural Geek is hosting its international conference.  Focusing on numerous topics across the cultural sector, this virtual event will feature representatives and digital transformation case studies from institutions such as museums, art galleries, theatres, and opera companies.  Tickets start at £120.

Whether you’re a digital novice learning new skills or a tech veteran, expect inspiration and actionable insight to help you navigate the digital world.  This year Culture Geek is offering a huge virtual programme of talks with more than fifty speakers sharing their ideas, experiences and innovations.  Delivered through our conference hub, you can watch the sessions live and put questions to our speakers.”  [Read More]

If your organisation is struggling to create or distribute multichannel content, this upcoming webinar from CX platform provider Sitecore could provide some answers.  Modular Content and the Next Generation of DAM Platforms is taking place on Tuesday 15th June and will be exploring solutions to the increasing demand for modular digital content, or “COPE” – Create Once Publish Everywhere. Attendance is free, with links to the recording made available after the event.  Topics will include personalisation, scalability, budgeting, and next-gen DAM’s capabilities to cope with modular content.

During the webinar we will look at what is driving this new approach, what are the benefits and how new generation digital asset management (DAM) platforms are required to support this new way of working.”  [Read More]

On Thursday 17th June, Digital Asset Management software provider MediaBeacon will be presenting a session dedicated to the importance of governance within DAM.  Who Controls Your DAM Destiny? Creating Governance to Rule Them All is a free to attend webinar bringing together DAM expert John Horodyski and MediaBeacon’s Addison Wasson to define governance and discuss how a well aligned and implemented policy can assist in improving the longevity of DAM initiatives.

Governance can be the difference between a DAM that stands the test of time and a DAM that causes more asset confusion in the long run. It all starts with a governance policy to pull your people, process, and technology onto the same page and bridge the chasm between expectations vs delivery.”  [Read More]

Events can be posted by anyone with a free DAM News Subscription account.  See the DAM News Events Calendar for more information.

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