DAM Event Updates – 7th April 2021

There are a number of DAM related events occurring in the next couple of weeks.

On Thursday 15th April, a panel of DAM and digital content experts will be presenting ‘DAM + Museums: Demystifying the Cloud‘ – an online discussion featuring examples of how cultural institutions such as museums, galleries, and libraries are moving their operations to the cloud.  This free to register event will provide an opportunity for attendees to gain invaluable tips and insights for their own organisation’s migration to cloud-based asset storage and management.

Join the discussion on taking those first steps to being on the Cloud and what this means for your DAM. In this session, you’ll hear real examples from cultural institutions on how each started their journeys and the benefits that come with moving their DAM to the Cloud.”  [Read More]

Connecting Users to Content: An Introduction to Taxonomy Design & Creation is a series of three, two-hour online workshops taking place from Wednesday to Friday 21-23rd April.  Hosted by author and taxonomist Heather Hedden, the interactive workshop-based course is designed to provide a detailed yet practical overview of taxonomy principles and their role within content and information management ecosystems.  The cost for this multi-day course is $75 for students and $300 for standard applicants.

This workshop teaches taxonomy creation principles and addresses the issues of designing a taxonomy to serve users. It presents best practices in designing taxonomies, including the principles of wording of terms, incorporating synonyms, creating relationships between terms, and designing hierarchies and facets. Other topics include taxonomy project planning, sources for terms, and taxonomy testing. The workshop will also include practical exercises and access to taxonomy management software.”  [Read More]

Also beginning on April 21st is Theresa Regli’s five-part series on Optimizing your DAM Program.  Answering a number of common key questions that arise shortly after a new DAM initiative is launched, and also tackling longer-term challenges and optimisation issues, Theresa aims to provide tips, insights and an actionable strategy for turning a legacy silo architecture into a modern DAM system.

Questions include:

  • How can we make the system better?
  • How do we evolve into a full enterprise program?
  • How should we develop a roadmap towards integration with the broader MarTech stack?
  • What else can we do to take our DAM to the next level?

[Read More]

Events can be posted by anyone with a free DAM News Subscription account.  See the DAM News Events Calendar for more information.

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