DAM Event Updates – 4th August 2021

There are a number of DAM and marketing technology related events occurring in the coming weeks.

On Thursday 12th August, Creative Transformation for Apparel Brands is a free to attend webinar hosted by creative production software provider Celtra.  Specifically aimed at clothing companies, and drawing from experiences with brands such as Adidas, Lululemon and Unilever, the session aims to highlight the workflow challenges and solutions for maintaining a strong brand and effective creative content workflows in a demanding industry.

For apparel brands, supporting performance campaigns through creative is instrumental for growth. Yet delivering volumes of fresh, beautifully branded creative for both brand and performance campaigns can be challenging. How do you maintain brand voice and excellence across a high volume of creative? How do you turn bare-bone product catalogs into campaigns that move the needle?”  [Read More]

Tackling the issue of DAM adoption isn’t always easy or straightforward.  On Thursday 17th August, DAM software vendor Brandfolder are hosting a free online session entitled ‘Accelerating DAM Adoption: Keys to widespread use and long lasting ROI‘.  The free webinar exploring the symptoms of low user adoption, along with some tips on how to improve it.

Implementing a new system is exciting and could save your team time and energy. Yet, DAM adoption isn’t always seamless or straightforward. Your team has spent countless hours selecting, advocating, and implementing the DAM that’s right for your business. And still, usage isn’t where you’d like it to be.”  [Read More]

Part two of this three part webinar on workflow automation will be taking place on Wednesday 18th August.  Focusing on creative operations, Workflow Automation: How to Optimize for Efficient Creative Operations will cover topics including bottlenecks within creative ops, the benefits of campaign integration, and the importance of implementing triggers and rule exceptions.  Speakers include Brian Gavin, President of Globaledit, and David Iscove, Creative Technology Lead at Cella Consulting.

Join this 3-part webinar series to first understand how workflow automation has evolved over the years, then deep-dive into the specific applications for Creative Operations teams, before looking ahead to implementation and future-proofing.”  [Read More]

Events can be posted by anyone with a free DAM News Subscription account.  See the DAM News Events Calendar for more information.

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