DAM Event Updates – 29th September 2021

Several noteworthy DAM (and related) events are taking place in the next few weeks.

On Monday 18th October, the Sustainable Brands 2021 conference takes place.  The event will cover regenerative models across marketing and communications, CSR, People and Leadership, Product & Service Design.  The conference is a hybrid of on-line and in-person, with vaccination and face coverings required for the latter – which is likely to be an approach taken by many other events in the forthcoming months.

Better brands are moving past ‘doing less harm’ to drive regenerative models that renew, restore, and grow. Attend Sustainable Brands’ flagship conference for the latest insights to drive better business practices at your organization.” [Read More]

On Tuesday 19th October, Cloudinary are running the ImageCon 2021 conference.  The event deals with their vision for DAM and selected customer stories as well as some product sessions:

Under the theme Unleash Your Visual Experiences, this year’s virtual and complimentary event will cover industry trends, tips for future proofing your digital business, advice for accelerating image and video management projects, and best practices for getting the most from Cloudinary products, including new and coming-soon capabilities.” [Read More]

Finally, MerlinOne are sponsoring an online event, Monetizing Your (Previously) Undiscoverable Images on Tuesday 19th October.  This will showcase their ‘NOMetAData’ (NOMAD) technology which my co-contributor  reviewed recently on DAM News.

Since the very first DAM systems, and for 30 years since then, search success for visual objects has been tied directly to the quality and completeness of associated textual metadata.  The question: does searching based on metadata (which may or may not be present or complete), even with auto-tagging, yield the results you need to get full value from your DAM?  The previously “Unfulfilled Promise” of AI has started to deliver. Recent advances make a purely Visual Search possible.” [Read More]

Events can be posted by anyone with a standard DAM News Subscription account (which is free to register).  See the DAM News Events Calendar for more information.

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