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Monetizing Your (Previously) Undiscoverable Images

Tuesday October 19th, 2021 @ 10:00am - 11:00am PDT
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Is Metadata the only way to Search?
Is Visual Search now real?
Is Visual Search better?

Since the very first DAM systems, and for 30 years since then, search success for visual objects has been tied directly to the quality and completeness of associated textual metadata.

The question: does searching based on metadata (which may or may not be present or complete), even with auto-tagging, yield the results you need to get full value from your DAM?

The previously “Unfulfilled Promise” of AI has started to deliver. Recent advances make a purely Visual Search possible.

This webinar will review the implications. It will:

  • Demonstrate the common shortcomings of pure metadata searches
  • Show how visual search can make previously undiscoverable images pop to the top of your results
You will learn:

  • How the Deep Learning flavor of AI works
  • How, at long last, big data, fine-tuned models, and clusters of dots make the images you know you have in your DAM discoverable
  • How to generate and save money for your organization

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Organiser: MerlinOne (@MerlinOne_Inc)
Type: Webinar/Podcast
Goal: Not Specified
Ref: DN-EV-459
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