DAM Event Updates – 28th July 2021

There are a number of DAM and marketing technology related events taking place next week.

On Wednesday 4th August, The Power of Incrementalism and Effective Content Technology explores the relationship between ROI and incrementalism in our technology, and how small gradual changes can avoid the all too common disappointment of big launches and redesigns.

Join CMSWire and Deane Barker, Senior Director of Content Management Strategy at Optimizely for this live, hour-live webinar. Deane will discuss how we got to this point in the industry and what we can do about it, both from a human and managerial perspective and from a technology perspective.”  [Read More]

The first in a three part series of webinars investigating workflow automation also begins on Wednesday 4th August. Sponsored by creative workflow management provider globaledit, Workflow Automation: How to Optimize for Efficient Creative Operations focuses on the history of workflow automation, and how the cloud and technology in general has guided the progress of creative operations.  Tickets are free for brands and agencies, and $250 for vendors and consultants.

The first webinar’s topics include:

  • What has cloud done for workflow automation?
  • How has workflow automation matured over the years?
  • How are we seeing tech solve ground level challenges?
  • How are the workflows changing with the rise of tech?

[Read More]

With the rise of Artificial Intelligence in our daily lives fuelling the debate surrounding inherently discriminatory technology, the topic of ethical marketing and promotion has also come to the fore. Ethics of Digital Marketing is part of an online series of workshops hosted by General Assembly London examining the challenges of ethical marketing.  Spanning a range of topics including digital privacy and surveillance, democratic information, and the risks of audience polarisation, discrimination and marginalisation, the session aims to provide a roadmap for successfully promoting diversity in the digital marketing ecosystem. Tickets costs £39.

Marketing is a vital part of human communication. We build products that we believe will positively impact human lives and the world, and we want to share these products so they reach the people who need them the most. However, many of the popular platforms available to marketers have been designed in ways that can have serious repercussions for human rights.” [Read More]

Events can be posted by anyone with a free DAM News Subscription account.  See the DAM News Events Calendar for more information.

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