DAM Event Updates – 20th October 2021

There are a number of DAM and marketing technology events taking place in the coming weeks.

On Thursday 28th October, integration software provider CI Hub will be presenting their Cloud Workspace Essentials event.  This free to attend webinar will be exploring methods to access cloud storage hosting services such as Google Drive, Dropbox and Microsoft Sharepoint using their asset plug-in.

Session topics will include:

  • Access the assets you need from any DAM, PIM or Cloud system
  • Find the correct size or most recently approved version of any asset or layer
  • Use alternate renditions and versions of your assets
  • Efficiently track changes from your clients
  • Manage large videos and their low-res alternatives

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This year’s DAM Fest Europe is taking place on Thursday 4th November.  With over 20 speakers across 10 sessions, attendees will have the opportunity to hear live keynotes, stories from a broad range of organisations, and take part in panel discussions, and network with DAM peers.  Attendance to this virtual event is free for the first 150 users, and £200 +VAT for vendors and consultants.

Join us for DAM Fest Europe – the European DAM Festival of the year – to learn, celebrate and connect virtually with 500+ members of your Digital Asset Management community from across Europe and beyond. No wristbands or tokens required to watch acts on the main stage, to meet the headliners or to ride the vendor merry-go-round!”  [Read More]

DAM for the New Age of Great Digital Experience is a new virtual event taking place on Tuesday 16th November.  Sponsored by DAM vendor Bynder, the event will be discussing a broad range of topics exploring how Digital Asset Management sits at the core of the modern digital experience, including branding, personalisation, scalability within the martech workflow, DAM personnel, and many other aspects of the digital asset supply chain.  Attendance is free for the first 250 end users, with vendors and consultants paying $300.

We’ll examine how creatives and digital asset managers have linked with digital leaders to orchestrate how organizations deliver exceptional digital experiences.

Registration includes:

  • Live sessions with brand new content
  • Live Q&A – the chance to get your questions answered by the experts
  • Access to the online event platform with presenter profiles and networking opportunities
  • Recordings of sessions to view on demand

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Events can be posted by anyone with a standard DAM News Subscription account (which is free to register).  See the DAM News Events Calendar for more information.

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