DAM Event Updates – 18th November 2020

There are a number of DAM related events occurring next week.

On Saturday 25th November, NewsCred’s co-founder Shafqat Islam and Content Strategist Christine Polewarczyk at SiriusDecisions are hosting a webinar investigating The Role of Content Marketing Platforms in a Next-Gen Marketing Stack.

While investment in martech over the years has attempted to solve these marketing pains, the reality is these disparate tools and technology have only impeded marketing processes internally and contributed to misaligned, fragmented experiences externally. So what’s next?”  [Read More]

This year’s Enterprise Digital Workplace virtual conference (EDW 2020) is taking place on Wednesday 25th November.  This all day event, hailed as the UK’s most important gathering of digital and IT figures, features a broad range of seminars, workshops, speakers and sponsors, with topics ranging from AI to employee experience and tackling the digital literacy gap.

Join Whitehall Media as we pivot the EDW 2020 conference into a virtual conference with a fully interactive walkthrough exhibition. EDW 2020 – VIRTUALCONFEX will deliver the latest thinking on accelerating workforce productivity and agility through the use of existing and emerging technologies, tools and techniques for raising employee engagement and consumer-oriented styles for a successful digital workplace. Attendees had access to the latest insights on fast-moving IT and business trends such as AI and IoT, evolving workplace technologies and the ever-changing workplace landscape.”  [Read More]

Also on Wednesday 25th November is a free webinar from Digital Asset Management software vendor Bynder.  In Cost Saving & Efficiency with DAM,  attendees will have the opportunity to glean Bynder’s insights on running an efficient DAM systems and learn about cost-saving tips across a range of different brands and industries.

Bynder will dive into how teams with a cloud-based DAM are able to:

  • Calculate cost and efficiency savings using a standard framework with their own business metrics
  • Position DAM to leadership as a cost savings project
  • Expand the vision of the DAM in order to add on value without adding costs

[Read More]

Events can be posted by anyone with a free DAM News Subscription account.  See the DAM News Events Calendar for more information.

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