DAM Event Updates – 14th July 2021

Next week there are a number of DAM and marketing related events taking place.

On Wednesday 21st July, Group Futurista will be hosting ‘The Future of Digital Asset Management‘.  This free to attend webinar will be exploring the post-pandemic factors that are driving innovation in the Digital Asset Management sector.  The event promises numerous sessions from over 10 industry leaders covering integration, brand awareness, AI, centralisation and automation, and more. Attendees will also have the opportunity to network with peers.

In light of the recent events, working from home is becoming the new normal, it is becoming common to use Advanced gadgets to get work done. As enterprises are demanding more effective ways to store and leverage assets, the discipline is required to move forward into a more integrated, comprehensive whole and as a result, Digital Asset Management is becoming a company’s content sharing and storage solution.”  [Read More]

The ROI of Customer Experiences is also taking place on July 21st.  Presented by Customer Experience (CX) specialists Medallia, this free webinar investigates CX spending and how the importance of customer experience efforts are often overlooked when calculating ROI and building business cases.  Tips include strategies to calculate ROI from CX programs, along with supporting case studies.

It’s important to invest in customer experience (CX) to gain an advantage, however CX leaders are under immense pressure to prove the financial impact in order to create a solid business case for investment. While companies may enjoy financial rewards from their customer experience spend, they typically lack the visibility to correctly attribute the yield to CX efforts.”  [Read More]

On July 22nd, workforce productivity software provider Slack will be hosting a free webinar entitled ‘How to Create a Successful Hybrid Enterprise Using Slack‘.  Focusing on the difficult decision of which post-pandemic working model to adopt, this hour-long live session aims to provide a series of actionable tips to harmonise your organisation’s working culture, avoid burnout, and improve business outcomes. The event is hosted by Director of Platform Marketing, Andy Pflaum, and Head of Product Strategy, Helen Kupp.

Recent research indicates many knowledge workers want flexibility. In this environment, creating a hybrid working model is the best approach and, so far, organizations embracing this shift are seeing better business outcomes.”  [Read More]

Events can be posted by anyone with a free DAM News Subscription account.  See the DAM News Events Calendar for more information.

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