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Fast Insights Through Knowledge Graphs and Machine Learning

Tuesday January 26th, 2021 @ 11:00am - 12:00pm PT
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From automated fraud detection and intelligent chatbots, to dynamic risk analysis and content-based recommendation engines, knowledge graphs and machine learning are on the rise as enterprises hunt for more effective ways to connect the dots between the data world and the business world.

During this event, participants will learn:

  • What knowledge graphs are, and what solutions they can provide for your organization.
  • What the building blocks are, from both a design and technology perspective, that will allow your organization to succeed with knowledge graphs.
  • How to get started with knowledge graphs and machine learning to achieve Enterprise AI.
  • Real world examples and case studies of how organizations are obtaining fast insights using knowledge graphs and machine learning.

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Organiser: KM World (@KMWorld)
Type: Webinar/Podcast
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Ref: DN-EV-309
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