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Predictions For Enterprise Content Management In 2020

by Naresh Sarwan on April 27, 2010

Craig Rhinehart looks into his crystal ball and makes some predictions for the future of enterprise content management over the next decade.

“With a few big ECM related announcements over the past couple of weeks … Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and IBM Advanced Case Management topping the list, I thought I would do a little crystal ball gazing and set my sights on the future.  This is always fun and a bit risky at the same time.  Consider Thomas J. Watson, Sr. who despite very scant evidence is widely credited with saying (in 1943): “I think there is a world market for maybe five computers”.   I supppose we’ll never know for sure if Watson said it or not, but despite the risk of being wrong, I share my perspective on what ECM will look like in 10 years.” [Read More]

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