SharePoint Book Reviews: Teach Yourself SharePoint Foundation 2010 in 24 Hours

Sams Teach Yourself SharePoint Foundation 2010 in 24 Hours by Mike Walsh is a straight forward, step-by-step approach to all the fundamentals of SharePoint 2010. This book provides information on how to build, administer, and secure solutions with the free version of SharePoint 2010. With step-by-step guides, tips and practical real-world advice, Mike Walsh provides the SharePoint 2010 novice with 24 one hour sessions that cover installation, user permissions, search, office integration, administration, workflows, reporting and more. [Read More]

Almost perfect. Mike clearly emphasises where the edges are in SharePoint Foundation, and takes some time to explain why you need to know about them (e.g. database size restrictions, search restrictions) and what you can do about them if anything. He doesn’t just glibly push people towards SharePoint Server, but instead writes from the perspective of the Foundation Admin constrained by having to use Foundation. This is the reality for many smaller SharePoint installations. That reality check is what makes this a great book.” [Read More]

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