SharePoint Book Reivews: Professional SharePoint 2010 Branding And User Interface Design

Perfect for SharePoint developers or user interface designers tasked with the creation of customised, intuitive user interfaces for their SharePoint 2010 applications, Professional SharePoint 2010 Branding and User Interface Design By Jacob J. Sanford and Randy Drisgill covers topics from branding basics to advanced branding design for large-scale changes to the SharePoint UI, such as cascading style sheets (CSS), master pages, page layouts, web parts and XSLT. The authors also provide information on related topics, including jQuery and Silverlight. [Read More]

Branding SharePoint is not exactly the same your typical ASP.NET or PHP site. Branding SharePoint 2010 is it’s own unique skill that requires significant SharePoint knowledge. It isn’t just CSS and HTML and JavaScript, it is also navigation, security, master pages, standard CSS specific to SharePoint, SharePoint and ASP.NET controls applicable to SharePoint, the theming engine, etc.  I was hoping that this book didn’t sacrifice the classic branding knowledge, which is pure CSS, HTML and Javascript, in favour of being a pure one sided SharePoint book. And I am happy to see that this is a book well grounded in the current technology set, SharePoint or otherwise.” [Read More]

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