DAM For Photographers: The DAM Book

The first in our series of features on popular books, reports and white papers that cover the topic of digital asset management and related subjects. In this review, we look at books that focus on digital asset management for photographers and photographic libraries.

It could be argued that the first digital asset management systems were developed for the storage and management of photographic assets, with many DAM systems deriving their operational and UI models first from photo CDs, and then from the major online photo libraries such as Getty and Corbis, who continue to dominate the market today. Literature on the subject is therefore in reasonable supply, with books that cover both large and small scale DAM for photographic media available.

The DAM Book – Peter Krogh

A thorough and well-researched book, written by Peter Krogh, who is considered a leading expert in the field of digital asset management for photography. Perfect for amateur and professional photographers alike, the book covers key areas such as: the image life cycle (shooting to editing, output, and permanent storage); how to use metadata effectively, creating and managing digital archives, workflow strategies in Adobe Bridge, Camera Raw, Adobe Lightroom, Microsoft Expression Media, and Photoshop CS4 and migrating file formats, from one storage medium to another, and from film to digital. Described as a book that “every photographer should read”, it is a literary staple for any photographer who is planning a digital asset management system for their photographic assets. [Read more]

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