Report On “DAM Best Practices”:

Research group, Forester have published a report on DAM Best Practices.  The report contends that only three elements are needed for a best practice strategy:

  1. Develop A Taste For The Different Flavors Of DAM
  2. Apply Rich-Media-Specific Governance
  3. Make Rich Media Metadata Management A Religion

To better help C&C pros create mature and successful DAM strategies, Forrester compiled a list of best practices from numerous in-depth interviews and client inquiries. These include: aligning existing and projected needs with the DAM solution; establishing a governance strategy; and creating comprehensive rich-media-specific metadata models to enhance the end user experience.” [Read More]

At close to an eye watering $500 (US) one would be expecting something special, although I do acknowledge that analyst reports are generally priced quite high (and this is cheaper than many others) it’s questionable whether this is something that cash conscious readers could not get themselves from a bit of critical self-directed research.

The three elements sounds a bit short on detail to me and more like the authors weren’t sure exactly what else to include or how to organise the paper more effectively.  I must emphasise, however, that I’ve not actually read the document to be able to comment with any authority and Forester do say that you can claim a full refund in 24 hours if you’re not fully satisfied, so you should draw your own conclusion. has fortuitously been granted access and has this to say:

Overall, the report felt a little too heavily technology focused. Organizations that have immature DAM programs might benefit more from best practices related to creating a DAM strategy than guidance on selecting tools. The report admits that many organizations don’t even understand the definition of DAM, so jumping to a discussion of tool selection and metadata seems a bit premature . As with all analysts’ reports, everyone has an opinion or three about what should have been included.” [Read More]

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