Up To 30% Of Marketing Budgets “Wasted” Due To Poor Quality Data

One of our featured DAM vendors, MailPrint, features a guest article by Erin Haselkorn from Experian QAS on their blog who discusses how inadequate controls on your data entry and acquisition processes can have a devastating impact on the ROI obtained from marketing campaigns as well as sales and customer service.  He draws upon a research project Experian carried out last year to highlight some key findings:

  • 96.2 percent of organisations view data accuracy as an essential issue but almost a third of them do not enforce it.
  • More than half of those surveyed claim that 6 percent or more of the important information in their databases is inaccurate or or missing.
  • 63 percent of those surveyed said 5-30% of their marketing budget is wasted as a result of bad data.

These statistics show some realities. First, organizations understand the importance of contact data, but are not doing enough to make sure it is clean, accurate and up to date. While respondents stated that they currently manage quality contact data through staff training, software tools and staff measurement, organizations are relying too heavily on manual processes.” [Read More]

A copy of the Experian QAS report is also available here (requires registration).

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