Data Migration Project Checklist

Dylan Jones, writing on the website includes a comprehensive check list that will be of use to anyone who is involved in data migrations from legacy DAM solutions or manually prepared asset catalogues.  The post is longer than a good number of white papers and is packed with useful tips and best practice guidelines.

Dylan goes through all the key phases of a typical data migration project, including:

  • Pre-Migration Planning
  • Project Initiation
  • Landscape Analysis
  • Solution Design
  • Build & Test
  • Execute & Validate
  • Decommission & Monitor

Within these descriptions there are 3-4 key questions that should give both managers, developers and clients a few things to think about.  If the phases appear to look like classic software development project milestones to you, then Dylan has this valuable advice:

Data migrations do not suit a waterfall approach yet the vast majority of data migration plans I have witnessed nearly always resemble a classic waterfall design. Agile, iterative project planning with highly focused delivery drops are far more effective so ensure that your overall plan is flexible enough to cope with the likely change events that will occur.” [Read More]

This is perhaps one of the better arguments for agile development techniques that I have read.

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