Featured Job – Taxonomist, Sainsbury’s – 21st January 2022

This week’s highlighted opportunity is for a Taxonomist with the UK’s second largest supermarket chain Sainsbury’s.  The position, based out of London, is a fixed 12 month contract.  The successful candidate will need to have a MLIS degree (Master of Library and Information Science) or similar, and will be responsible for developing and managing the organisation’s taxonomies, ontologies, and metadata specifications.  Additional duties will include coordinating cross-functional projects with other teams, and performing ongoing analysis of data models, business processes and technologies, along with monitoring open standards.

The Taxonomist plays a key role in our Digital business. This role will have responsibility for building a first-class navigation taxonomy as well as ontologies to optimise asset discovery, content relationships (e.g., items to items, categories to categories, brands, services, etc.), meta-data for tagging, tagging services and more.  This role requires a strong commitment to teamwork and communication, and must be approachable, passionate, and proactive, with skills/aptitude to take the unknown and turn it into the understood and actionable. A wide degree of creativity and latitude is expected, along with a passion for learning and measurably improving customer outcomes.”  [Read More]

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