Featured Job – Sr. Manager of Digital Assets and Image Licensing, Guggenheim – 6th October 2023

This week’s featured opportunity is for a Senior Manager of Digital Assets and Image Licensing for American art, architectural and cultural foundation and museum, the Guggenheim.  Operating out of Manhattan and working under the Director of Photographic Services, successful candidates are expected to have at least five years’ experience in managing DAM systems, along with an MLIS degree or equivalent BA.  The role’s key duties will be administration of the organisation’s DAM (NetX), including daily operations such as upload, ingestion, tagging, cataloguing, metadata and licensing.  Additional duties will cover identifying new collections for addition to the DAM, quality control, development of metadata, taxonomy and controlled vocabulary tools and processes, enforcing best practice and standards, monitoring and replying to usage requests, providing user training and onboarding, acting as advisor regarding digital asset usage, permissions and licensing, and working with outside parties to ensure their digital assets are kept up-to-date.

As the Senior Manager Of Digital Assets And Image Licensing, you will be responsible for the administration of the Guggenheim’s digital media asset management database (DAMs).  The DAMs is the web-based digital repository and access point for more than 500,000 assets that document the art collections, the rich exhibition and event history, and the unique architecture of the Guggenheim Museum, the Peggy Guggenheim Collection and affiliated museums in the Guggenheim constellation.  This position also manages all third-party requests to license Guggenheim images of art objects, architectural and exhibition views, and related videos.”  [Read More]

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