Featured Job – Senior Product Marketing Manager, Cloudinary – 19th November 2021

This week’s highlighted position is for a Senior Product Marketing Manager with cloud-based SaaS technology company Cloudinary.  Based out of London, UK, the successful candidate will be responsible for overseeing product marketing across the organisation’s DAM and marketing technology product lines.  Duties will include planning, creating, and executing impactful and meaningful stories and campaigns throughout the customer journey, working with the product’s business plan, providing sales analytics and feedback, and creating sales enabling content such as presentations, web content, brochures, videos, and training materials.  Applicants are expected to have excellent presentation and public speaking skills, and be comfortable with detailed analytics and high-level strategies.

Cloudinary is looking for a seasoned Product Marketing Manager to join our team. You will be expected to bring innovative ideas and creative strategies to accelerate Cloudinary’s growth in the Martech space. You will bring your prior experience in SaaS software marketing, and knowledge of the Martech stack to help craft positioning, messaging, GTM strategies, and sales enablement. You can be located anywhere in the United Kingdom.”  [Read More]

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