Featured Job – Digital IP Asset Coordinator, Games Workshop UK – 16th February 2024

This week’s highlighted position is for a Digital IP Asset Coordinator with long-established British miniature wargames manufacturer Games Workshop (best known for Warhammer). Operating out of Nottingham, UK, on a hybrid basis, the successful candidate will be responsible for protecting the company’s intellectual property by migrating a range of digital assets into a DAM system, including 3D and video files.  Additional duties will include providing a chain of evidence for the maintenance, organisation and accuracy for all IP assets in the archive.  Applicants with experience working within the video games industry, or a similar DAM-related role in film or TV are also welcome.

Previous experience with digital asset management systems, cataloguing systems or similar, plus experience with Adobe Acrobat, Adobe InDesign or QuarkXpress, or familiarity with ZBrush, SolidWorks, or other 3D sculpting programmes would be advantageous. We would also welcome applications from candidates that have professional or educational experience of working with video game creation, or digital asset management experience with film, TV, or AAA video game studios.”  [Read More]

A similar opportunity for a Digital Asset Platform Administrator is also currently available at Games Workshop, with a leaning towards the more technical aspects of developing, configuring, and rolling out new parts of the DAM system (Aprimo) and associated workflows.

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