Featured Job – Digital Governance Specialist, Caterpillar – 11th June 2021

This week’s highlighted vacancy is for a Digital Governance Specialist with US Fortune 100 construction machinery and equipment manufacturer Caterpillar.  Based in Chicago, the successful candidate will be responsible for a broad range of tasks concerning the company’s digital governance strategy, execution and analysis. The key duties of this heavily data-centric role include: working with the change management team; risk analysis; scoping deployment for stakeholder approval; monitoring and troubleshooting information workflows and processes; Data Lifecycle Management and warehousing; and the training, adoption and championing of data governance best practice.

Top candidates will also have:

  • Excellent interpersonal skills are required in order to deal with sensitive issues, develop others, or influence others inside and outside the department to take specific actions.
  • Familiar or worked with BI, Big Data, Data Analytics, Data Modeling, Architecture, Data Integration, Taxonomy, Data Lifecycle Management, Datawarehouse, Snowflake (iCloud), AWS, Azure (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, DaaS) environments.
  • Masters’ degree in computer science, information systems, or closely related disciplines
  • Practiced or associated application with DAMA, DMBOK profession

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