Featured Job – Digital Assets Technical Manager, Major League Soccer – 25th August 2023

This week’s highlighted position is for a Digital Assets Technical Manager for professional US football league Major League Soccer.  Operating out of their headquarters in Manhattan, the successful candidate will be responsible for implementing and scaling the organisation’s DAM system (Adobe AEM), and will be expected to have at least five years’ experience in a similar role.  Duties will include developing a strategy for Digital Asset Management processes and workflows, including daily operations such as upload, ingestion, cataloguing, keywords and tagging, along with user control, rights, permissions and optimising search functionalities.  The role will also be responsible for training, onboarding, documentation and monitoring the DAM system’s performance in order to identify improvements.

Major League Soccer is searching for an experienced professional to help build and scale our Digital Asset Management platform, acting as the single point of contact for all technical aspects of our DAM. They must have outstanding communication skills and a keen ability to convey complex technical ideas in easily understood terms to business partners. We’re looking for self-motivated individuals who pay great attention to detail, are excellent problem solvers, and can think creatively.”  [Read More]

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