Featured Job – Digital Asset Systems Analyst, Patagonia – 2nd July 2021

The featured position this week is for a Digital Asset Systems Analyst with American outdoor clothing and equipment company Patagonia Inc.  Working out of Ventura, California, the successful applicant will be responsible for developing, implementing, optimising, and maintaining the organisation’s DAM system.  Additional duties will include testing and rolling out new functionality, managing user support, roles and permissions, maintaining documentation, and auditing the DAM and its assets.

The Digital Asset Systems Analyst works closely with the Manager of Creative Production & Systems, IT Operations and DAM stakeholders to develop, implement and optimize DAM systems, and facilitate DAM integrations with other business systems. Through critical analysis and optimization of DAM systems and Creative Team workflows, the Digital Asset Systems Analyst provides on-going user support and training, systems updates, improvements and troubleshooting, and helps translate long-term business goals into technical solutions.”  [Read More]

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