Featured Job – Content Operations Manager – 8th January 2021

This week’s featured job is for a Content Operations Manager role at US entertainment giant, Disney.  Based in Glendale, California, the successful candidate will become part of the Disney+ Content Operations Team, supporting the creative and marketing teams that provide content for the company’s numerous channels.  The broad and diverse range of duties and responsibilities include managing the DAM system, along with its training, maintenance, analytics and vendor liaison, administration of the centralised asset repositories, maintaining taxonomies, metadata, and file structures, and leading investigation and innovation into improved asset workflows.

This role will also lead the efforts on how content will be stored and structured on a future-state system, identifying the best strategy to complement and support various content workflows that various business segments will be operating within. This role will require a person that can interact with senior leadership members as well as vendor representatives. Accurate and precise communication skills will be expected.”  [Read More]

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