Featured Job – Associate Director of Content Strategy, Johnson & Johnson – 25th November 2022

This week’s featured position is for an Associate Director of Content Strategy & Design with US multinational medical, pharmaceutical and consumer product manufacturer Johnson & Johnson.  Applicants are expected to have a proven track record in leadership and digital transformation project management.  Key responsibilities will include planning and implementing the digital content strategy by evolving DAM workflows such as cataloguing, metadata schemas, taxonomies, storage, retrieval and distribution of creative digital assets, and supervising a team of librarians in daily operations such as rights and permission controls.  Additional duties will involve onboarding, training, and facilitation of the DAM system across the organisation.

Johnson & Johnson MedTech is looking for a willing to take action, innovative marketer who is passionate about advancing the way content is crafted, shared, curated, and experienced across J&J Med Tech. The focus of this position is not on WHAT is built, but HOW is it built. We are looking for an individual who enjoys re-envisioning how work is done and is motivated by realizing operational efficiencies that bring great value to the business!”  [Read More]

You can view the full job description at the following page:


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