DAM Hosting: On The Cloud Or Your Server?

CMSWire.com features an article by Edward Smith from Extensis with the title: “Does Digital Asset Management Belong On Your Server or in the Cloud?”  Despite the disclaimer about his background (Extensis being renowned as ‘on premise’ rather than a Cloud vendor), Edward presents a fairly even handed summary of the pros and cons.  He covers the main points about Cloud DAM:

  • Implementation
  • Accessibility
  • Remote Access
  • Migration
  • Security
  • Privacy
  • Support
  • Scalability
  • Cost
This is from the security section:
Some argue that cloud solutions are more secure because of vendor specialization and economies of scale, while others claim that premise-solutions are a safer bet because you have more control and the underlying infrastructure is less exposed. Unlike cloud solutions, premise solutions can be configured as completely internal system with firewalls preventing any type of outside access. Cloud solutions are more exposed because they are almost always accessible via the Internet and shared by multiple users and companies. A hacker posing as a legitimate user could potentially use their account or exploit bugs in the system to gain access to the data of companies using the cloud service..” [Read More]


In my opinion, Smith’s articles are some of the better examples of writing about the DAM industry (and demonstrate his consulting background is evidently being put to good use by Extensis).  I think many other vendors might be able to learn a lot from his examples and they clearly prove that educating the audience first and foremost is a more effective technique at demonstrating authenticity and trustworthiness than pitching to them.
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