The Role Of Blockchains In Content Digital Asset Management

I have written the first of a two-part article on the features section of Digital Asset News, Blockchains: Catalysts For Innovation In Content Digital Asset Management.  The piece explains what blockchains are (including their historical context) and how they are more like databases than many might realise.  The wider technology stack offered by some blockchains is also discussed, in particular smart contracts and distributed file systems which can be utilised to create a wide range of distributed applications.  I propose that blockchains represent what I call the ‘transactional internet’, rather than ‘internet of money’ as this wider definition is wider and more inclusive:

In this two-part article,  I will describe what blockchains are and explain how they can be applied to Content Digital Asset Management.  I contend that there is a lack of appreciation of the wider implications of blockchains which I intend to address in this piece, along with the misunderstanding that they are exclusively Fintech-related (and therefore the exclusive concern of banks or financial interests).” [Read More]

In part two, I will analyse relevant use-cases for distributed applications based on blockchain technology and how these might point the way for increased innovation in Content Digital Asset Management.  I will also describe a Content Digital Asset Services Exchange which could solve some of the structural problems of the Content DAM industry.

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