Linked Blockchain Data: Semantic Web Powered Digital Asset Supply Chains

Héctor Ugarte has written a paper, with the title: A more pragmatic Web 3.0: Linked Blockchain Data which brings together a number of different themes which we have explored on Digital Asset News and DAM News recently.  As such, this might be of interest to those who are considering how to increase adoption of Semantic Web techniques for Digital Asset Management:

Linked Data is proclaimed as the Semantic Web done right. The Semantic Web is an incomplete dream so far, but a homogeneous revolutionary platform as a network of Blockchains could be the solution to this not optimal reality. This research paper introduces some initial hints and ideas about how a futuristic Internet that might be composed and powered by Blockchains networks would be constructed and designed to interconnect data and meaning, thus allow reasoning. An industrial application where Blockchain and Linked Data fits perfectly as a Supply Chain management system is also researched.” [Read More]

The paper describes the components and techniques required to implement Semantic Web methods using blockchain technology.  Amongst other components, Héctor details BLONDiE: Blockchain Ontology with Dynamic Extensibility, his own project and Decentralized Supply Chain Application (DeSCA) a supply-chain management prototype that puts into practice the theory (and technologies) mentioned in his paper.

The examples offered are for physical supply chains and provenance of the tangible goods (apples in this case) however as we have discussed on Digital Asset News recently, these techniques all translate across to digital assets as well (of whatever kind).

The ambition of blockchain technologies appears to be not only a means of commerce or value-transfer, but also to provide a full-stack application development platform which is decentralised (i.e. not controlled by any one individual or group).  This is the key point that should make them of wider interest, the business and technology implications are hand-in-glove and this is what will drive forward innovation.

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