Do Digital Asset Services Exchanges Represent The Future Of Content DAM?

In the second part of my article on the role of blockchains and Content Digital Asset Management, I have examined some non-fintech oriented uses of blockchains (of which there are quite a lot more than many people might realise).  In addition, I analyse the risks of using blockchain technologies as a platform for Content DAM systems and propose an alternative: The Content Digital Asset Services Exchange.

As the adoption of microservices architectures to deliver applications increases and more users seek out platform solutions that can be loosely coupled together, something is required to link up all these disparate components. All the efforts to derive Content DAM standards have so far come to nothing and the major reason for this is because there is no commercial incentive for anyone to do much to seem them come about. There is also a lack of trust between market participants on the sell-side (nor a great deal on the buy-side, it should be noted). Blockchains and the associated components that accompany them such as smart contracts etc provide an ideal platform to deliver a Digital Asset Service Exchange where buyers and sellers of content digital asset services (whether applications or those offered by human beings) can be connected.” [Read More]

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