IntelligenceBank Announce SiteCore Connector

Australian DAM Vendor, IntelligenceBank have announced the availability of a connector for their DAM to the SiteCore CMS:

We are pleased to announce the launch of a connector for Sitecore – a leading CMS and CX software provider.With this new connector, web content managers can seamlessly browse and search for images within their IntelligenceBank DAM, directly from Sitecore – thus making it easy to download the images and insert them into Sitecore powered websites.” [Read More]

The blog post is relatively light on details, but the basics seem to be that you can search for and insert assets into web pages direct from SiteCore using their DAM as the source (plus some asset manipulation like re-sizing of images without the need to login to their DAM as well as SiteCore).

A number of other vendors also offer SiteCore integration now (it was particularly popular as feature announcement last year).  It’s hard to extrapolate any DAM-related trends from this update since it seems to be more ‘me-too’ competitor following, as is the theme for many DAM vendor feature news updates these days.  There are some who have built their entire DAM platform around it, as an alternative approach and SiteCore themselves have not been slow to spot the potential niche opportunity in DAM.  However, anyone interested in the Web CMS market (or ‘CX’ as people in that field seem to want to refer to themselves now) might find the traction that SiteCore is gaining more noteworthy, certainly if measured by integration announcements from vendors in related fields, such as our own.

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