Brandworkz Add ‘Web-To-Digital’ and ‘Web-To-Mobile’ Features

One of our featured DAM Vendors, Brandworkz, have added two features they call “Web-To-Digital” and “Web-To-Mobile”.  They appear to be automated derivative (or surrogate) asset generation capabilities.  This from the digital one:

Marketers responsible for digital marketing specifically have access to the web-to-digital feature which generates digital banner ads. The web-to-digital system will automatically transform artwork to one or more of the 16 standard banner ad sizes commonly used online. Bespoke banner ad sizes can also be configured dynamically in the system.” [Read More]

Many DAM systems have some type of bitmap modification features which are similar.  In the past these might have been more production or technically oriented (so options like ‘convert resolution’ etc) where there would have been an expectation that the end user knew the implications of their choice.

Although there isn’t anything necessarily innovative about the Brandworkz tools, the more noteworthy trend is DAM vendors deliberately providing preset options that are more readily recognisable by marketing personnel.  Many of these users may understand the basics of some graphics production concepts but not the detail and won’t want to go off and fire up Photoshop just to produce some banner ads.  The obvious next step from this is direct integration with various digital advertising networks so the derivative assets can be placed online immediately afterwards.  The ability to automate and link these processes together probably offers the greatest potential ROI for DAM – and is why you will see interoperability getting mentioned more often.  Without hijacking their press, it’s a clear pointer towards the era of the DAM value chain too!

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