• Thanks for the write up, Ralph. I really like what you said about this helping people better understand why they’re tracking a particular value. I’ve seen so many DAMs that are top-heavy with adjectives, but short on rules, guidance, goals or other such values that could help an organization better leverage its content.

  • No problem there David, you’ve written a great article. I’d have to agree with you also about the number of DAMs that ask too much. I’ve heard people rationalise this on the basis that you can always take stuff out, but if no one wants to fill in the metadata because it’s an onerous undertaking for every single asset, that’s no good either.

    This is quite a difficult subject – more so than most people realise when they first look at it. Incremental testing and seeing what works can help, but you need to have a metadata strategy in mind first (like the one you’ve described).

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