• You’re wise to DAM Guru Program’s sinister plan to upset Digital Asset Management’s content marketing status quo, a.k.a. “DAM’s obvious practices.” People who know what they’re talking about are free to talk about it in depth, while everyone else is left to paraphrase, recap, and try to keep up.

    Thank goodness for the members of DAM Guru Program and the legitimate expertise they possess. This series is just the start. Thank you for recognizing the difference, Ralph.

    David Diamond
    DAM Guru Program Creator | Picturepark Marketing Director

  • One of the best books I’ve read on planning and implementing metadata schemas is “Metadata for Digital Collections” by Steven J. Miller (ISBN: 1555707467). I’ve added a collection of my favorites to The DAM Directory: http://damdirectory.libguides.com/commercialdam/dambooks-journals. Enjoy!

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