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  • My feeling is this message is starting to get through. We are seeing an increasing number of enquiries from prospects who want to know if our product integrates with third-party taxonomy solutions (such as Synaptica), indicating that they see taxonomy planning as something bigger than just their DAM application.

    We have long seen requirements from clients to integrate with internal PIM (Product information management) applications, as this is information that changes often and discrepancies/inaccuracies can have serious consequences.

    Once we’re all using microservices-based architectures ;-) all this becomes easy. Instead of viewing a DAM application as a discrete entity that may-or-may-not have its own way of dealing with taxonomies, we see applications as user interfaces that support specific business processes, making use of multiple enterprise microservices – one for the taxonomy, one for PIM, a few for DAM functionality, etc.

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