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Everything You Need To Know About: HTTP Streaming

by Nick Brookes on March 18, 2010

Tim Siglin, chairman of Braintrust Digital and co-founder of business consultancy Transitions, Inc. provides an excellent overview of HTTP streaming and related technologies, providing readers with what they need to know in order to harness this popular hybrid delivery approach.

“Of all of the terms, though, the one that seems to have the most uncertainty around it is HTTP streaming. As recently as 2007, the term was easily dismissed as a mistake because HTTP was a protocol that allowed content to be routed through port 80 while streaming often required a separate port. In the past 2 years, however, HTTP streaming has become a reality, both for live and on-demand content. It is now, in turn, often confused with another technology that can accompany HTTP streaming—adaptive bitrate streaming. In this article, I’ll address the differences between HTTP streaming, generic streaming, and progressive downloads.” [Read More]

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