Managing Document Assets In DAM Solutions

On our features section, I have written an article with some advice and recommendations about how to treat document assets which might be of interest to readers who have a number of assets of this type held within their DAM (or those who plan to in the future):

The range of document support in many DAM systems tends to be oriented towards marketing use-cases, like PDFs, InDesign files etc, but more conventional Office formats like PowerPoint or Word files are also relatively common in most systems these days. In the case of production/workflow DAM solutions used to store and coordinate work-in-progress, while the documents might not be ever be actually used, they still need to be searchable, especially where narrative copy or transcripts need to be accessed as component assets. Further, their role appears to be increasing in DAM (relative to othes) and it is far greater now than it was 10-15 years ago when DAM systems got referred to using descriptions like ‘The Photo Library’.” [Read More]

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