Feature Article: Who Needs a DAM Librarian? Part IV: The Rise of the Information Professional

Deborah Fanslow, has written the fourth and final instalment of her DAM News feature article series: Who Needs a DAM Librarian?  Part IV: The Rise of the Information Professional.  The item continues the same the device of using a job interview between a hiring manager and an information professional to present the issues.  She considers subjects like how to ensure that your DAM initiative is successful and why Library and Information Science (LIS) skills can be applied to other digital strategy considerations as well as DAM, including the wider context of this discussion:

Businesses are increasingly recognizing the value of information and the competitive advantage awarded to organizations that can leverage end-to-end digital supply chains to transform data into information—and ultimately into business intelligence. The increasing demand for real-time, personalized data to inform strategic business decisions requires the ability to aggregate, store, curate, analyze, visualize, and distribute vast quantities of both structured and unstructured data throughout the enterprise and beyond—which in turn requires interoperability among any number of internal and external information systems, protocols, and services. The evolution towards centralized enterprise platforms and services will have a profound effect on DAM technologies, along with implications for the value of information management.” [Read More]

This article (like all the others) is expertly researched, it is also presented in a lively and interesting manner that is both easy to read and informative.  This series has probably been about the best received of any we have featured on DAM News in the past and that is no small part down to Deb’s considerable research skills, writing ability ability and detailed knowledge of DAM (plus other related topics).  I certainly look forward to future contributions from her in the future (as I know many others will also).

All the articles in this series are listed below, for anyone who may have missed them:

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  4. Who Needs a DAM Librarian? The Rise of the Information Professional



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