Feature Article: Tackling Trust, Governance, and Privacy of Generative AI and DAM

Dietmar Rietsch, CEO of Pimcore, has recently submitted a feature article exploring the issues of trust, risk, privacy and governance concerning the use of generative AI, especially within a DAM context.  In ‘How to Tackle Trust, Governance, and Privacy of DAM in the Era of Generative AI‘, Dietmar explains how, whilst GenAI can endow a DAM system with numerous benefits such as workflow automation, content creation and ideation, there are still plenty of unresolved issues when it comes to copyright, ownership and an increasing level of mistrust in the public’s perception of AI.

Creating a safe way forward with Generative AI in the context of intellectual property issues is crucial to ensure fair use of digital assets, protect creators’ rights, and foster innovation. In addition, establishing governance, compliance, attribution, and legal frameworks is essential for responsible and sustainable development.”  [Read More]

The article provides a concise and detailed breakdown of both the positive and negative implications of this new technology and proposes a number of regulatory steps and in-house measures that need to be implemented in order for digital content managers to safely and responsibly leverage the huge potential that AI has to offer.

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