Feature Article: Designers Extremely Frustrated with Resizing Process

Mark Hilton, CEO of Santa Cruz Software, has kindly submitted a feature article examining the issue of resizing images in a multi-device, omni-channel world.  In ‘Designers Extremely Frustrated with Resizing Process‘, the results of a recent survey clearly highlight both the frustrations experienced by designers, editors and content managers on a daily basis, and the pressing need for a more robust and easy-to-use resizing process.

The diversity of platforms and output sizes necessitates resizing graphics to suit each context. But resizing images for various output sizes is anything but  routine. The survey revealed that redesigning graphics places a significant impact on graphic designers’ workload, with 76% spending at least 20 hours per week resizing graphics. Alarmingly, over half of the respondents (52%) reported spending at least 30 hours on this task.”  [Read More]

In his article, Mark presents a number of statistics that reveal the extent of the issue, including the amount of time wasted by graphic designers, the need to create at least four different graphics for any given project, and a whopping 96% of designers expressing the desire for a responsive tool, with a third of those stating it would be “life-changing”.  You can read the full article at the link below.


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